by Torrefy

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Remember, kids.. Don't do drugs!


For pride, for shame, forever,
You lie in pieces,
Fools, and beggars, limbs severed,
You crawl on bloody stumps,

Despair, despair,
Bleed transgressions,
Ask me for mercy,

Now, face down, lay scattered,
Buried in your
Back and through your spinal chord this kind of war is never over, fiends breathing chemicals, there's never been a better soul to free....

A better soul to free,,,
Souls to free,,,
Souls to free...
Souls to free...
Better soul to free....

Feed... The flies... Alive...
Pulled out of angels' reach...
Despair! Despair, for the scourge is upon you...


Guilt... And sin... Begin,
pouring down the handle,
Warm... Is the steel...
As you feel the axe-head twisted from your flesh,

As the crow falls, lifeless from the sky,
Eyes, white, blind,
Descend, descend, descend and lay still,

As my axe falls, tempered by my hate,
Rage, exacted through my blade,
The godless pray, for
Demise, demise to be cleansed,

Feeding insect life-forms nobler than ourselves,
Offerings wrought of toxic cells, long destroyed,
No longer needed, too diseased to offer life,

Someday we all succumb to nature,
Through acceptance you'll find peace,
I remedy your failures,
Close, your eyes,
The godless pray, for the end,

For the end, for the end of this tortured existence,
Fall, disassemble the walls in which your soul's imprisoned,
Bleed from your axe wound, offer blood to sanitize you,
Murder... Murder, these hollow shells of former people,
We were not created equal,
Alchemist inebriation,
Self-created mental patient,
None, shall, miss, you!


released January 28, 2014
Simon Smith (Bass)
Adam Henry (Lead Guitar)
Ben Gerencser (Rhythm Guitar)
Daniel Laughy (Drums/Lyrics)
John Ferguson (Vocals)
Recorded and produced by George Anstey & Torrefy



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Torrefy Victoria, British Columbia


Torrefy is a Canadian Thrash band from Victoria, BC. Their heavy metal sound is akin to Skeletonwitch, Vektor, and Warbringer.


  • Aug 31
    Vancouver, BC

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