The Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death

by Torrefy

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Tear apart the sky!

Mass execution,
Gather souls for the archfiend,
The vortext beckons,
Incubate the seed,
Born is the offspring,

Violence, demolition, cataclysm, death!
Burning winds twist throgh the gates of the nether,
Rise, come alive, vile avatar of pain,
Born is the offspring of unholy storm!


Rise, form,
Rise, form,
Beneath the heavens, there gather clouds,
Within this blackness germinates the end of all,
Unholy instrument, Hand of Fate is clenched,
When lightning forks it feeds his emenence,
Astral guardian, descended from beyond the sky,
She's sewn the mortal world's demise, and brought to life,
Evil's ancient form,
Formed out of chaos, assimilated souls generate dark nourishment,
The dread lord hungers,
Feed on the weak, praise for the wicked,
Lungs of the underworld,


Unholy Offspring,
Of Lightning and Death,
Unholy Offspring,
Of Lightning..... And Death!

Lightning, darkness,
Darkness, lightning, Rise!


And so rose our Unholy Lord.
His wings became the horizon, his fury filled the skies!
Absolute was the darkness of his vengeful aura,
the fires of beyond arced forth from his eyes!
From his eyes!
His eyes!


released October 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Torrefy Victoria, British Columbia


Torrefy is a Canadian Thrash band from Victoria, BC. Their heavy metal sound is akin to Skeletonwitch, Vektor, and Warbringer.

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